Great Annual Savings Group

Great Annual Savings Group

Company Name: Great Annual Savings Group

Contact Name: Phil Andrew

Website Address:

Telephone Number: 0191 500 5696


Address: Spectrum 6, Spectrum Business Park, Seaham, County Durham, SR7 7TT

Nature Of Business: We are a cost saving and procurement specialist based in Seaham.

Our main goal is to ensure businesses make savings in the easiest, simplest, hassle-free way.  We understand that most businesses don’t have time to go through a long drawn out process and that is why our team of experts are here to do the hard work for them.

Instead of spending time searching for the best energy prices, our team will remove the burden and find, negotiate and present the best deals for each business.  As well as energy, we also save our customers money on their other fixed costs such as insurance, waste, telcomms, water and merchant and card services.

We support all types of businesses from small independents to multi nationals.

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