Rewriting a website is simpler than you think.

Rewriting a website is simpler than you think.

The rewards are considerable. Getting rid of stodgy or confusing text can dramatically improve your branding, sales and customer satisfaction. Over the next three months we’ll be sharing our top tips for rewriting the content on your website. Our first tip is . . .


Take a fresh look at your website from the perspective of your target audience. Are your website users potential customers, employees, someone else? Why are they coming to your website? Can they easily find what they need – and act on it?

You may discover that you need to reorganise your site. The most sought after pages should be just one click away. Don’t bury important content deep within a menu. Even if it seems logical to you, it might not make sense to a potential customer.

Finally, what action do you want your website users to take? Each page should offer at least one chance for them to respond – like a contact form, a telephone number, an ‘Add to Cart’ button.

If you have any questions, or are just starting to consider rewriting your website content, feel free to contact us by phone on 0191 580 0972 or by email at We’ll be able to help, or we’ll point you in the right direction.

On May 9th Concision will be running a Writing Copy Workshop with Design Network North and RTC to help you communicate your business message clearly.  For more details and how to book, please click here.