Jacksons Law Firm – The times they are a changin’ . . .

Jacksons Law Firm – The times they are a changin’ . . .

Paul Clark of Jacksons Law Firm tells us why employment law in 2017 may be remembered more for revolution than evolution.

A year of significant developments began with reforms to employment status, prompted by several high-profile cases where individual contractors were granted worker status 1 and the Taylor Review which recommended increased rights for workers and the self-employed.

Many businesses may now find themselves exposed to claims from individuals asserting rights that neither party thought that they had.

In discrimination, we have seen a landmark ruling that there is no initial burden of proof on the claimant in a discrimination claim whilst the ongoing issue of gender pay inequality continues to make the headlines and there is growing acceptance that mental health in the workplace is a ticking time bomb.

Restrictive covenant disputes continue to end in court where the parties have the resources to enforce or challenge post-termination restraints of trade.

There have also been important decisions in TUPE regarding service provision changes and in relation to whistleblowing regarding the public interest test and knowledge of protected disclosures.

However, by far the most significant development in Employment Law this year must be the momentous decision which led to the Government abolishing employment tribunal fees.  A rise in the number of tribunal claims is expected. For employers, now is the time to review those documents and practices which may have been overlooked whilst the risk of litigation was lower.

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